Will Musicians Soon Be Earning Money On the Blockchain?

A lot of people say that musicians don’t earn a lot of money if they are not under the wings of a successful production company that can propel them to stardom and help them earn millions of money from their music. Other factors that hinder them from earning money are piracy and copyright issues, among others. But industry people are leaning towards blockchain technology that can be of big help to musicians to help them earn money, even if they are not in contract with a big wig company.

Quicker payments

If a musician’s music is used by other people for a variety of purposes, royalty fees must be paid. But sadly musicians must wait months, even years, for these fees to be paid. This is due to complex copyright issues that can also be resolved by blockchain technology. In the copyright information is easily accessible and the terms are met, then payments for royalties can be directly deposited into the musician’s bank account at once. There will be no more living off of stale bread until the royalty fees are paid.

More accessible copyright information

Blockchain technology allows musicians to make copyright information available to anyone who is interested in their music. Licenses, agreements and whatnot can be a complex situation. By employing blockchain technology, a detailed database can be accessed by interested parties and updated regularly to prevent any issues that can hinder the flow of transaction between the musician and the interested party. Of course, the other party will want to nit-pick every license, agreement and contract before agreeing to pay royalty fees for the use of a particular music.

Internet technology has gone a long way since it was first introduced. The music industry has benefited a lot from developments, from apps and software for creating music to improving the workflow processes of the financial aspect of the industry. Musicians can now offer their music to people without being robbed of the rightful fees and money due them. They can just focus on making great music instead of getting problematic when the royalty fees will arrive in their bank accounts.

Can Vaping Affect a Singer’s Voice?

Vaping is gaining popularity as the safer alternative to cigarette smoking, with people spending good money looking for the best vape pipe. Because vaping is relatively new in the market, there is a lot of misunderstanding about it. It is necessary that people should get a clear understanding of what vaping is before they conclude that between smoking and vaping, vaping is the lesser evil.

The question that needs to be settled is if vaping is really an evil, no matter if it is considered lesser. Many people believe that there are many potential health risks vaping can bring. But nothing scientific has been used to back up those claims yet. The only recognised risk that vaping poses is dependence because of the nicotine content of most e-liquids, which still lacks scientific proof that its dependence can have life-threatening results like what one gets from smoking.

So far, the only scientific study that shows a potential risk of vaping was done in 2015. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that formaldehyde might be produced when vaping is done at very high temperatures. Formaldehyde, a carcinogen, is formed as a degradation of propylene glycol.  What the study did not consider is that nobody will be vaping at very high temperatures because nobody will enjoy the burn taste of vaping at very high temperatures. It appears that there is some sort of manipulation in this study by people who will gain from the unpopularity of vaping.

Because of uncertainties about the potential health risks of vaping, there is an ongoing debate on whether it is safe or not.  The UK’s Department of Health published a report through Public Health England that based on the studies of a prestigious group of public health professionals, scientists, and researchers, it was concluded that vaping is 95% safer than tobacco smoking. The group also saw the potential of vaping as a potentially viable approach to quitting smoking. In the US where many people look at vaping to be as bad as cigarette smoking, the American Heart Association suggested in a 2014 statement that vaping is less hazardous than cigarette smoking. It also recognised vaping to actually help people quit smoking.

One topic related to vaping that has been the subject of debates is whether it affects singing. Many singers or potential singers fear that shifting to vaping from smoking or simply starting vaping might affect their vocal chords and ruin their chances of becoming recognised and well-known singers. Singers want to improve and preserve their voice, especially for high and hard-to-reach notes. Everything they do and the risks they take must fall within acceptable parameters.

Although there have been no scientific studies conducted about the effects of vaping to the singing voice, many singers gave their personal take on the subject. Some singers claimed that they noticed a noticeable change in their breath control, feeling and sounding more in control of their tone and power. Others claimed that their lower voice range register became stronger and was able to increase by a third of an octave their upper register.

The conclusion of many singers is that vaping has no negative effect on their voice, unlike tobacco smoking that killed their voice.

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What Are The Best Music Workouts?

What Are The Best Music WorkoutsAll around the world, people are struggling with their weight. No where is this more pronounced than in countries in the Western world, like the UK. As every year leads to even greater levels of obesity, finding ways to keep the weight off once and for all are crucial. Without a lifestyle change however, it can prove to be impossible. Thankfully, there are forms of exercise that are quickly becoming popular that make exercising simple. Known as music workouts, the benefits speak for themselves. Let’s take a moment discuss three different music workouts that you should consider trying.

Why Bother With Music In Workouts?

There have been countless studies that have shown a positive relationship between listening to music and endurance. Simply put, listening to music can increase how long you can exercise for as well as the quality of that exercise. As a result, you do more, feel better, get more done, and lose more weight. This is why including music with your workout is such a good idea. There are additional benefits when you make the music central to the workout. For example, below are three different types of workouts where music plays a crucial role.

1. Pilates

Pilates puts a strong emphasis on your technique. It involves holding a variety of positions that can be challenging. With Pilates, you can engage at any level, gradually increasing your skill, as you get healthier and more flexible. Pilates are great because they are oftentimes accompanied by music, making them music workouts. Pilates can be done in groups, leading to a more intense and fun experience.

2. Spinning

Spinning is great for those who want low impact music workouts. Typically done with an instructor leading the way, Spinning classes are great for increasing endurance and use music to help build that endurance slowly over time. While Spinning has several benefits, it keeping people relatively stationary means a less than ideal workout for people who want a full body exercise. Thankfully, our third choice happens to provide just that.

3. Zumba

Pioneered by Alberto Perez in the 1990’s in Columbia, it has quickly spread around the world as an international hit. While some consider it a fashion due to its popularity, the secret behind Zumba is that it hides an incredible workout behind music. While other musical workouts on our list happen to include music for its benefits, Zumba goes the extra step by actively making the entire exercise about the music. Working in harmony, the music helps to make the workout even better, leading what is done in the workout and whether or not the workout is intense. Chorus, refrains, high, and low beats all work together in the movement of your body, providing an experience people get no where else.

If you are interested in Zumba, than know that it primary uses fast Latin American music to set the stage. Inviting, passionate, and full of energy, the music helps to propel you and your classmates into improved endurance, exercise, muscle growth, and more. In fact, Zumba has been the success story behind many people not only losing weight, but also managing to keep it off for prolonged periods of time. With so much success, it is no wonder that more than 150 million people practice it all around the world. The best way for you to begin with this amazing musical workout is by looking for classes near by. In addition, consider getting a DVD to better understand and learn what you need to do. Of course, you should purchase Zumba shoes so your feet get the right amount of support. Until then, best of luck as you continue down the road of living a healthier and more productive life.

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What Is The Best Music To Listen To When Working Out?

What Is The Best Music To Listen To When Working OutSimply put, music can do amazing things. Improving our response time, our moods, and even our endurance, music has been shown to have a range of beneficial affects on working out. So, what is the best music to listen to when working out? Well, that depends a lot on your taste and what you find motivating. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the best music to listen to the next time you plan to work out.



Sometimes the best music for working out is any song that gets us in the right mindset. Songs that are considered high energy, with faster beats and a greater number of soaring sections with melodic hooks are perfect for working out. The music helps to set the mood and get you ready to begin working out.  A favorite of those doing anaerobic activity that requires pushing oneself to the limits, high-energy music can get you there. This is especially for those who favour trampoline workouts. There’s nothing like an upbeat, thumping tune to set the pace for jumping up and down. If you need help with coming up with a list, read our list of the most popular DJs in the UK music scene and check out their mixes!


Personal Favorite

Our mood plays a big role in how successful our work out will be.  If we believe that we are going to do really well, we will do better than average.  Our moods are an aspect of our overall psychology, which can be influenced by listening to personal favorites.  Regardless of what your favorite genre of music is, listening to your favorite songs has been shown through experimentation to improve your mood, performance, endurance, and outlook.  If you are struggling to exercise and working out is a pain, then consider giving yourself a boost by listening to the music that will give you the energy to complete your workout routine.



Contemplative music is designed to help create a relaxed, calm self.  Rather than pumping yourself up with fast, high beat music, contemplative music is designed to relax and glide you into a workout.  Styles like minimalist, classical, and others can help you get in the right mindset.  Typically, those doing activities where position is key favor contemplative music.  Workouts can include yoga, and other forms of meditative exercise.  However, some people have found success with contemplative music in high-energy activities like lifting weights.  No matter how you use it, contemplative music works with you to get in the right mindset to approach your workout fully.


Where Does That Leave Us?

In the end, the best music to listen to when working out is the music that will motivate you.  As discussed above, motivation can come from a number of different sources.  If you are unsure of where to begin, then consider high-energy music first.  Pop, dance, house music, and various forms of techno are but a few of the genres that can provide an exciting beat.

Once you identify some songs, create a personal favorite list that you use for working out.  Be sure to add to it over time or the music might get stale.  If high-energy isn’t working for you, then consider contemplative.  The polar opposite in some respects, contemplative can provide a quiet and reflective setting for you to engage in exercise.  Either way, the best thing you can do is to play around until you find what works right.

A Run Down of the Most Popular DJs in the UK Music Scene

A Rundown Of The Top British DJ’s of 2015

Every year new DJ’s become known, adding to this growing musical form their own unique sounds and styles. While some are happy to play in small venues and enjoy the relative obscurity, others have skyrocketed into national and international sensations. After all, the best DJ speakers are only as good as the men mixing the music that come out of them.

Below is a quick rundown of some of the top British DJ’s of 2015. Chances are that if you are familiar with the scene, none of these names will be a surprise.


Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Beginning at 14 and 15 respectively, this brother DJ duo has taken the world by storm. Born in Belgium and specializing in electro house, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have made a name for themselves, consistently finding their music on the top of hit lists. In 2015, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike moved to many #1 positions, representing an incredible year of music that only got better with every performance. Playing all over the world, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike represents an incredible experience that is hard to forget. See them while you can.



Born in the Netherlands, this Dutch big room house and electro house performer is among the best DJ’s in the world. While giving up a first place ranking in the top 100 DJ’s of 2015 by DJ Mag, Hardwell has remained incredibly popular and has only dropped to second place in many ranking. Playing the piano, keyboards, mixer, and synthesizer, Hardwell is an incredibly popular musician whose sounds is only getting better with time.


Martin Garrix

Among the youngest performers considered, Martin Garrix is the 19 year old who knows electronic music. Having become popular with his hits “Animals” and “Wizard,” Martin Garrix has gradually expanded his ability, becoming increasingly poplar over time. With a number of labels supporting him and lives shows everywhere, watching Martin Garrix play is phenomenal. Breaking through in record time, Martin Garrix is worth keeping track of as he has only recently begun his music career.


Armin Van Buuren

Among the older musician featured on this list, Armin Van Buuren of the Netherlands draws incredible crows. A trance producer, radio personality, and DJ, Armin Van Buuren has more than 20 million weekly listeners. Creating a cult like following, Armin Van Buuren is constantly touring and is always worth the ticket price. This has helped to continuously boost his popularity, making him into an easily recognizable name within the music genre. Keeping his high rating, Armin Van Buuren is no where near done being an electronic sensation and you should keep an eye out for performances in and around your area.



Keeping his place as one of the best DJ and record producers available, Dutch musician Tiesto covers trance, progressive trance, big room house, EDM, and progressive house. Having made music for the past decade, Tiesto has created a name for himself, creating music for a range of labels. Performing live on stage at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Tiesto became the first DJ to perform live at the event, breaking ground and boosting his popularity as a result. In addition, his album ‘Elements of Life’ reached #1 in the US and continues to be a beloved album. With his music being played at award shows and events, Tiesto is not likely to move from his rank any time soon.


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Interesting Facts On Drawing


Drawing is a very important form of art. It is necessary to be very careful while choosing the category of drawing that is going to be practiced as there are many forms of it. Some examples include oil paint, sketching, portrait, freestyle, and so on. Each of the methods has its own specialty. It is necessary to practice for a long time in order to get the perfect stroke in the first attempt. Some of the useful beginner tips that will make a person a good artist are listed below. It is necessary to be creative in order to portray the images in a unique manner.

The choice of tools is very important in drawing. Only when the right materials are chosen, it will be possible to get the perfect output. Another important point that concerns a person very much is the choice of colours that is going to be used in the painting. When the colour combination goes wrong, it will be very difficult to make the painting look attractive. Artists can also be said to be illusionists. It is necessary to make sure painting looks realistic as it will be more impressive. While drawing a flower the artist must be aware of where to end the petal and where to start the next one.

Without such minute knowledge, it will not be possible to bring out a perfect picture. The person should be able to identify the difference between 2-D and 3-D. While reproducing a photo or using a real model, the artist mind should work in a different manner. Especially, when live models are used for the art, it will be better to make the process quick as this will ensure the model’s pose does not change as a person cannot be like a statue for a long time. Only with time and patience this art can be mastered.

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Adele’s 25- Biggest Selling Album of the year 2015


Adele is an English copywriter and singer. She studied performing arts and technology at the BRIT school in 2006. Adele received the critics’ choice award – Brit award and also 2008 BBC sound award. In the year 2008, she released her album 19 and it was a critical and commercial success. In the UK, the album 19 was given platinum certification seventeen times. In the United States of America, it received double platinum. Her third and latest album 25 is released last month. With the twenty-nine days of release, about two million copies were sold out.

It is said that the album is selling in fast rate than her previous album 21. The album 21 almost took about thirteen weeks to reach to the public.
The official charts company predicted the album’s sales to date and reported that the album 25 will trade 2.5 million copies. It will be reaching the top 40 list of 2015. It is the biggest selling album in the country. If the sale continues to increase, it has chances to surpass its predecessor.

Adele’s 25 has received 25 million YouTube in the first one day of release. It has remained in the UK number one chart for about twenty-three weeks. It has done a record sale of 2.3 million within the three days of the music album release.

Adele’s second studio album was 21. It was released in early 2011. It gained a good response, and the singer received several awards for the album. Some of the awards she received include American Music Awards (three), British album of the year, Brit Awards (two), Album of the year and Grammy awards (six). It was certified platinum sixteen times in the United Kingdom. Her album 21 was said to be the best and fourth highest selling music album in the United Kingdom. Her third album is expected to perform well than her previous album.

Her second album was a great success, and it was even mentioned in the famous Guinness Book of World Records. It is said that she is the only woman in the Billboard Hot 100 history to occupy top singles simultaneously three times as a leading artist. She is also said to be the first female to get listed in the top five albums in Billboard 200 and the Billboard 100. Her two singles have occupied in the Billboard top 100. She has been active in the music since 2006.

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Ideas To Sketch People


Sketching people is a very good art that cannot be mastered by everyone without proper interest and practice. Some of the important tips that will make sketching of people easy are provided below. Sketching is nothing but a quick drawing that might be describing something, and it might be a place, person or incident. This will usually be rough and perfect strokes will not be used here. It can also be said as explanatory drawing. This will be used for keeping a record of some incident. Even this will help a person to refine his/ her drawing skills to get the perfect strokes for other art forms. Hence, it is said to be one among the easiest forms of drawing.

In order to have a good sketching skill, it is necessary to improve the observational skills and freehand drawing. In order to get fluency in the drawing, it is essential to practice daily. This sketching will be very handy in order to keep a better record of various colour tones and shades that will be used in the painting. Even the composure of the picture and ideas about cropping a scene shall be understood in a better manner using this technique. This will be very handy in order to improve the confidence level of the artist by leaps and bounds.

It will be a very good idea to get help from the experienced artists while making the art. After completing the art, show it to them and ask for suggestions for improvement. It will be a good idea to choose a place where many people linger so that it will be easy to get a subject for art. It might be a shopping mall, railway station, airport, bus stand and so on. But the artist should sit in one place while drawing. It is necessary to make connects. Detailing is not essential here, so create values and shapes alone.

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Techniques To Draw Good Pictures


Drawing is a very good profession, hobby, and stress buster. Whomsoever the person might be, if a person has an interest in drawing, it is advisable to take it up seriously as it has a lot of benefits in it. It will not be possible for all the people to create a perfect piece at the initial stages itself but with time, it will be possible to make amazing pictures. In the initial stages, it will be advisable to get proper training from a reputed art school so that it will not be very tough for the person while drawing. There is no chance for a person to witness a failure in this work all that is needed is to spend more time and concentration in practice.

This is a work that can be done by people of all ages. There are some tools involved in this work that will make the art perfect, and this will include paint, brush, pencil, sheets, stand, palette, and so on. First, it is necessary to practice the strokes and line. Then, it is necessary to draw the shapes in the right size according to the requirement. Scribbling is the first step for a person to become a good artist. So never get disheartened with the results of arts that are created at the initial stages.

Keep on trying something new as the thoughts that are said to be out of the box will get the attention of people. It is necessary to view things with a creative eye so that many ideas will arise in the mind of the artist that can be laid on the sheet. Use viewfinders as this will be very useful in order to find a good subject for the art. Contour drawing is also a very good choice to make. It is necessary to choose the perfect model for art in case contour drawing is going to be done.

Popular Songs of the 1970s in the United Kingdom


The people of the UK were always attracted towards music and entertainment. During the 1970s, several songs topped the list, and it was a peak time for new musicians to explore their skills. The music scene in the UK changed intensely, and numerous musical styles armoured the changing flavours of the normal record buyer. The popular styles that topped the music charts were Glam Rock (mainly at the start of the decade) and developed to Punk and Disco Rock until the end. Most of the artists and styles were popular during that time and their music albums sold at a rapid rate. Some of the popular hits of UK during the 1970s period are as follows;

Love Grows is a famous song by Edison Lighthouse (one hit wonder). It occupied the number one place for about five weeks. The song was written by Sylvian Whittingham and Tony Macaulay Barry Mason. It was released in January 1970 in the United Kingdom and February 21, 1970, in the United States of America. Tony Burrows is the lead singer, and he sang the hits for several other groups.

Wandrin’ Star is the top single in the Ireland and the United Kingdom for Lee Marvin. It was in the top list for three weeks. The song was written by Frederick Loewe (music) and Alan J. Lerner (lyrics) for paint your wagon a stage musical in 1951. The film of the song was created in 1969.

Bridge over troubled water by Garfunkel and Simon received great response from the public. It occupied the number one place in UK top music list for three weeks. Paul Simon is known to give a solo hit. When he combined with Garfunkel, the song was in UK’s number one list.

All kinds of everything was released on 18th April. It is written by Jackie Smith and Derry Lindsay. Dana performed the song. The song won Eurovision Song Contest in 1970. Dana sings that recap her of her darling. It is the reason she admits in every worse of the song ‘all kinds of everything remind me of you’. It was in the top list for two weeks.