Will Musicians Soon Be Earning Money On the Blockchain?

A lot of people say that musicians don’t earn a lot of money if they are not under the wings of a successful production company that can propel them to stardom and help them earn millions of money from their music. Other factors that hinder them from earning money are piracy and copyright issues, among others. But industry people are leaning towards blockchain technology that can be of big help to musicians to help them earn money, even if they are not in contract with a big wig company.

Quicker payments

If a musician’s music is used by other people for a variety of purposes, royalty fees must be paid. But sadly musicians must wait months, even years, for these fees to be paid. This is due to complex copyright issues that can also be resolved by blockchain technology. In the copyright information is easily accessible and the terms are met, then payments for royalties can be directly deposited into the musician’s bank account at once. There will be no more living off of stale bread until the royalty fees are paid.

More accessible copyright information

Blockchain technology allows musicians to make copyright information available to anyone who is interested in their music. Licenses, agreements and whatnot can be a complex situation. By employing blockchain technology, a detailed database can be accessed by interested parties and updated regularly to prevent any issues that can hinder the flow of transaction between the musician and the interested party. Of course, the other party will want to nit-pick every license, agreement and contract before agreeing to pay royalty fees for the use of a particular music.

Internet technology has gone a long way since it was first introduced. The music industry has benefited a lot from developments, from apps and software for creating music to improving the workflow processes of the financial aspect of the industry. Musicians can now offer their music to people without being robbed of the rightful fees and money due them. They can just focus on making great music instead of getting problematic when the royalty fees will arrive in their bank accounts.

Can Vaping Affect a Singer’s Voice?

Vaping is gaining popularity as the safer alternative to cigarette smoking, with people spending good money looking for the best vape pipe. Because vaping is relatively new in the market, there is a lot of misunderstanding about it. It is necessary that people should get a clear understanding of what vaping is before they conclude that between smoking and vaping, vaping is the lesser evil.

The question that needs to be settled is if vaping is really an evil, no matter if it is considered lesser. Many people believe that there are many potential health risks vaping can bring. But nothing scientific has been used to back up those claims yet. The only recognised risk that vaping poses is dependence because of the nicotine content of most e-liquids, which still lacks scientific proof that its dependence can have life-threatening results like what one gets from smoking.

So far, the only scientific study that shows a potential risk of vaping was done in 2015. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that formaldehyde might be produced when vaping is done at very high temperatures. Formaldehyde, a carcinogen, is formed as a degradation of propylene glycol.  What the study did not consider is that nobody will be vaping at very high temperatures because nobody will enjoy the burn taste of vaping at very high temperatures. It appears that there is some sort of manipulation in this study by people who will gain from the unpopularity of vaping.

Because of uncertainties about the potential health risks of vaping, there is an ongoing debate on whether it is safe or not.  The UK’s Department of Health published a report through Public Health England that based on the studies of a prestigious group of public health professionals, scientists, and researchers, it was concluded that vaping is 95% safer than tobacco smoking. The group also saw the potential of vaping as a potentially viable approach to quitting smoking. In the US where many people look at vaping to be as bad as cigarette smoking, the American Heart Association suggested in a 2014 statement that vaping is less hazardous than cigarette smoking. It also recognised vaping to actually help people quit smoking.

One topic related to vaping that has been the subject of debates is whether it affects singing. Many singers or potential singers fear that shifting to vaping from smoking or simply starting vaping might affect their vocal chords and ruin their chances of becoming recognised and well-known singers. Singers want to improve and preserve their voice, especially for high and hard-to-reach notes. Everything they do and the risks they take must fall within acceptable parameters.

Although there have been no scientific studies conducted about the effects of vaping to the singing voice, many singers gave their personal take on the subject. Some singers claimed that they noticed a noticeable change in their breath control, feeling and sounding more in control of their tone and power. Others claimed that their lower voice range register became stronger and was able to increase by a third of an octave their upper register.

The conclusion of many singers is that vaping has no negative effect on their voice, unlike tobacco smoking that killed their voice.

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Use Watercolours For Painting


Watercolours are considered to be a very good option to make the art look attractive and impressive. There are a lot of points to be noted in case the watercolours are going to be used in the process. Some of the tips that have to be used in this work are given below. First is the selection of right paper. The size and quality of the paper will play a vital role in deciding the look and feel of the art. Especially, when water colour is going to be used, thin papers have the possibility of getting torn off easily due to the moisture in the paint. It is necessary to check the thickness of the paper along with its smoothness.

Next, it is essential to concentrate on the technique and pen that is going to be used for this art. At the initial stages, it will be better to start with simple and small diagrams as larger diagrams will take a lot of time to complete. In case, pen is going to be used in this type of art, make sure the quality of the pen used is very good. There are many types of pens, and some of them include crow quill dip pen, drafting pen, non-refillable sketch pen, and so on.

The choice of the pen has to be done in a proper way according to the requirement of painting or artist. Next item that has to be selected is the paint and paint brush. Here also, quality has a major role to play. There is a wide option to make here starting from less expensive paint set to costly paint tubes. Even colour mixing will be done if necessary. In case, this technique is going to be used, then make sure the right combination is chosen. When the colour combination goes wrong, the expected results cannot be obtained.