A Run Down of the Most Popular DJs in the UK Music Scene

A Rundown Of The Top British DJ’s of 2015

Every year new DJ’s become known, adding to this growing musical form their own unique sounds and styles. While some are happy to play in small venues and enjoy the relative obscurity, others have skyrocketed into national and international sensations. After all, the best DJ speakers are only as good as the men mixing the music that come out of them.

Below is a quick rundown of some of the top British DJ’s of 2015. Chances are that if you are familiar with the scene, none of these names will be a surprise.


Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Beginning at 14 and 15 respectively, this brother DJ duo has taken the world by storm. Born in Belgium and specializing in electro house, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have made a name for themselves, consistently finding their music on the top of hit lists. In 2015, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike moved to many #1 positions, representing an incredible year of music that only got better with every performance. Playing all over the world, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike represents an incredible experience that is hard to forget. See them while you can.



Born in the Netherlands, this Dutch big room house and electro house performer is among the best DJ’s in the world. While giving up a first place ranking in the top 100 DJ’s of 2015 by DJ Mag, Hardwell has remained incredibly popular and has only dropped to second place in many ranking. Playing the piano, keyboards, mixer, and synthesizer, Hardwell is an incredibly popular musician whose sounds is only getting better with time.


Martin Garrix

Among the youngest performers considered, Martin Garrix is the 19 year old who knows electronic music. Having become popular with his hits “Animals” and “Wizard,” Martin Garrix has gradually expanded his ability, becoming increasingly poplar over time. With a number of labels supporting him and lives shows everywhere, watching Martin Garrix play is phenomenal. Breaking through in record time, Martin Garrix is worth keeping track of as he has only recently begun his music career.


Armin Van Buuren

Among the older musician featured on this list, Armin Van Buuren of the Netherlands draws incredible crows. A trance producer, radio personality, and DJ, Armin Van Buuren has more than 20 million weekly listeners. Creating a cult like following, Armin Van Buuren is constantly touring and is always worth the ticket price. This has helped to continuously boost his popularity, making him into an easily recognizable name within the music genre. Keeping his high rating, Armin Van Buuren is no where near done being an electronic sensation and you should keep an eye out for performances in and around your area.



Keeping his place as one of the best DJ and record producers available, Dutch musician Tiesto covers trance, progressive trance, big room house, EDM, and progressive house. Having made music for the past decade, Tiesto has created a name for himself, creating music for a range of labels. Performing live on stage at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Tiesto became the first DJ to perform live at the event, breaking ground and boosting his popularity as a result. In addition, his album ‘Elements of Life’ reached #1 in the US and continues to be a beloved album. With his music being played at award shows and events, Tiesto is not likely to move from his rank any time soon.


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Popular Songs of the 1970s in the United Kingdom


The people of the UK were always attracted towards music and entertainment. During the 1970s, several songs topped the list, and it was a peak time for new musicians to explore their skills. The music scene in the UK changed intensely, and numerous musical styles armoured the changing flavours of the normal record buyer. The popular styles that topped the music charts were Glam Rock (mainly at the start of the decade) and developed to Punk and Disco Rock until the end. Most of the artists and styles were popular during that time and their music albums sold at a rapid rate. Some of the popular hits of UK during the 1970s period are as follows;

Love Grows is a famous song by Edison Lighthouse (one hit wonder). It occupied the number one place for about five weeks. The song was written by Sylvian Whittingham and Tony Macaulay Barry Mason. It was released in January 1970 in the United Kingdom and February 21, 1970, in the United States of America. Tony Burrows is the lead singer, and he sang the hits for several other groups.

Wandrin’ Star is the top single in the Ireland and the United Kingdom for Lee Marvin. It was in the top list for three weeks. The song was written by Frederick Loewe (music) and Alan J. Lerner (lyrics) for paint your wagon a stage musical in 1951. The film of the song was created in 1969.

Bridge over troubled water by Garfunkel and Simon received great response from the public. It occupied the number one place in UK top music list for three weeks. Paul Simon is known to give a solo hit. When he combined with Garfunkel, the song was in UK’s number one list.

All kinds of everything was released on 18th April. It is written by Jackie Smith and Derry Lindsay. Dana performed the song. The song won Eurovision Song Contest in 1970. Dana sings that recap her of her darling. It is the reason she admits in every worse of the song ‘all kinds of everything remind me of you’. It was in the top list for two weeks.